Why Britney Spears Would Be a Better President Than George W

for starters, she's smarter than him.

also, she's very attractive. she could use her feminine wiles to seduce persuade other world leaders to do what we want.

to the best of my pop culture knowledge, she's never been a cokehead.

it's a common and well-accepted practice that pop stars use transmitters and receivers to get cues and instruction during performances. so if she were to do it during a debate, no one would care. oh, wait, no one cared when bush did it either.

let's see... oh, state of the union addresses wouldn't be boring anymore. instead they'd be pop song singing, erotic dance moving, soft porn cavalcades. now what straight american male wouldn't vote for that?


  1. This made me smile. And I really don't like Britney, so that says a lot.

  2. i don't like her either. so, wonder what that says...


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