Work Offline or Try Again

my computer has begun exhibiting this very strange behavior.

i'll be surfing the net. as the kids say. land on an interesting blog. spend some time there. and when i go to leave. to the next blog or back to yahoo. a little windows box will pop up.

"your computer currently has no connection to the internet..." blah blah blah. choose work offline or try again.

but the thing is, my connection to the internet is entirely intact.

i mean, i have comcast high speed internet, which works, pretty much 80% of the time.

last year, i had a similar problem with windwos, except that instead of lying to me about my connection being gone, it actually would take it away.

now, i know windows gets blamed for all kinda shit, simply because it's the most popular operating system. and is most under attack.

but norton says i have no viruses. and adaware says i have no spyware.

so maybe, windwos really is the problem. since it can't even trust itself.

course i guess, it's still better than having a mac that goes dahmer everytime its comast cable connect to the internet messes with it just a bit.

i'll give windows credit for that. it has abosulutely no problem being disconnected.