Would Jew?

i been thinking i don't explore my jewishness enough. that's probably because i'm an atheist.

but my forefathers were jews. forefathers? does that somehow relate to foreskins. isn't it jews who invented circumcision? interesting...

anyway my ancesters were jews. they suffered. and were persecuted. in egypt they were slaves. in europe they were exterminated. and today, in america, they're bankers.

no, i'm just kidding. i can say that. cuz i am one of them. sort of.

when i was in school there were always the 'real' jewish kids. who celebrated hannukah instead of christmas. who fasted on yom kippur. i'm not one of them. i don't know hebrew. i never had a batmitzvah. never even been to one.

but i do say oy vey a lot. so yea, i'm a jew.

i do remember, in the eighth grade, watching a classmate frantically studying for her batmitzvah. she was cranky.

i'm glad my parents didn't impose religion upon me. i feel liberated for it. free to think as i will. no brainwashing required.

they never told me there was no god. they never really mentioned it. as a kid i watched all my neighborhood friends going to ccd and later taking communion and i was a little jealous. they got all kindsa gifts. damn fancy gifts.

hmmm... that's catholic. not jewish at all. yea, well, that's where i grew up.

reminds me of this one time, when i was young and i was pissed off and i said "jesus crhist!" and this kid, that i never liked anyway, said "yea, he's listening." even way back then, maybe 10 years old, i wanted to laugh at him, but tactful jew that i was i held my silence. although, i was tempted to tell him santa claus isn't real.

but then i thought about it and really didn't see the point. obviously, this kid would believe in anything, regardless.