American History

we already pay as much in taxes as eurpoeans, yet we don't get national health insurance.

so where does it all go?

hmmm.... let me think. um, their pockets.

you know, those guys you've supposedly elected.

think about the current political structure of america. the only reason to run for office is because (a you're rich and (b you want to be richer.

while i'm sure there are numerous corrupt politicians throughout the world, i am confident, america holds the title for most corrupt.

this whole nation was founded on bogus principes. the puritans left because they were persecuted by, well, the sane people of olden days europe.

in school they say they sought freedom of choice. freedom of religion. but that's a lie. hello.. salem witch trials.

genocide of native americans.

so here they settled to forge a world where what they beleived held presidence.

angry, vengeful god.

angrier, more vengeful people.

and so it remains. all these hundreds of years later.

and so it shall remain.