Bad Words

i was thinking today about offensive words. i won't be so juvenile as to list them all. you know the words i mean.

some folks refer to them as cuss words, others call them curses and some really strange folks call them bad words. usually i don't call them anything. just words. but i like to call them expletives when i'm trying to sound smart.

now, for the life of me, i can't figure out why these words are bad or why they would ever offend anyone.

then today, something new occurred to me. though i'm not offended by the standardized expletives. there is a word that does offend me if used in a certain context.

whenever anyone either orally or in written form uses the word jesus to denote the son of god, the supposed savior as it were, i am deeply offended. i am completely and utterly repulsed by the use of that word in that way.

no, i'm serious. sometimes it actually makes me feel nauseous. i kid you not. this statement is as true as if i were to say the sky is blue.

unfortunately given the world i currently live in, i don't foresee the use of the word jesus in the context of almighty savior ever being considered even a nominally offensive word to the general populace. so sad as it sounds, i must live with people saying it and using it whenever and wherever they see fit. i could protest i suppose, if someone said it in my presense, but i prefer not to be beaten up by strangers.

so anyway, what's my point? oh yea. i have to swallow my revulsion anytime someone says jesus saves. i have to refrain from rear-ending them anytime someone has a stupid jesus fish on the back of their suv. i have to change the channel when i stumble upon them on tv.

so i think all you people who are offended by whatever the fuck you shitheads are always offended by should just shut the fuck up and stop acting like assholes.


  1. i understand exactly what you mean. I have a thing about the word "love". i despise that word except if in content. there is a sad story behind this but i will not bore. on tv everyone says it about the stupidest things like a food or new product and it pisses me off more than youd ever know. people say it to their boyfriend or girlfriend when they dont mean it or think they do. "Jesus Christ" does not offend me only because i gave up believing in anything when i gave up "love". please do not hate me for that

  2. i missed your may 9th "too far." and i agree that they are full of shit and dont know the meaning


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