Counting Down

what if they lied to us.

of course they did.

the truth is ugly. no one wants to see it all naked like that. eewww.

if i have to live under a republican i choose ronald reagan. cause he pretty much stood for nothing. that i can accept.

unfortunately, i don't get that choice. george is as george does.

politics never used to matter to me. i miss those days.

As of right now ther eare 1276 days remaing until the next US presidential election.

that's heartbreaking.

i tried to put a countdown javascript in here, that would dynamically update as the next election drew nigh.

apparently, blogger will tolerate no javascript. i guess javascript must be an evil axis power aligned with the other evil axii and the anti-faith democratics as well.

who knew.

i just wanted this post to countdown automatically to the next election. i wasn't aware it had the power to alter the future election. or the opinions of those who may participate

but apparently, it's bad. bad as any terrorist. evil as the most faithless leftwing hedonist. it practically endorses terrorism. especially if it's against the us.

yea, javascript is out to get us. kamakazi style.

this seemingly innocent javascript, if not restrained may have convinced you bush is evil and iraq is not responsible for 9/11.

yea, if most people knew the truth, as if anyone really knows the truth.

but if you knew we're not attacking iraq because of 9/11, since they had nothing at all to do with it, all hell would break loose.

people's heads would explode with outrage.

or you know, they really wouldn't care much at all.

you never can tell with americans.

damn, fucking javascript.

where does it get off.