Deep Dark Thoughts

i don't really respect myself, so therefore i have little respect for other people.

i try to adhere to the rules of modern society. but it's an awful lot of trouble.

and frankly, modern society really pissed me off.

i appreciate the experiences i've had. the people i've encountered. wish i had the ability to convey just how very much. perhpas i do and i just am lazy like that. or maybe i don't. dark poetry is easy. heartfelt emotions. a little bit harder to express.

whatever the reason. this is, these are, the words. you want metaphoric crap go to my other site.

man, i wanna forget. had fogotten. and then there it is in my face again.

i guess it's not enough that i should have to contend with letting go of mcdoofus. nah, life saw fit to have me let go of scoots again too. it's my own fault i suppose. cuz i snet him an invite to comment on my blog. oh wait. yea, i didn't.

i guess i don't really know quite how to hold onto anyone. since i find it so hard to believe they'd ever want to hold fast to me.

i try to admit my deficiencies without pointing out those i see in others.

but occasionally i fuck up.

it isn't about hate. far, far from it.

it isn't about hurting anyone. other than myself.


  1. "i guess i don't really know quite how to hold onto anyone." no shit. fuck me, right.


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