Deep Thoughts: Childhood

ok, this is gonna be graphic. so those of you with weak stomach or who are offended by references to feces should leave.

for some reason when i was a child, between the ages of 5 and maybe 8. i had severe problems. i was deathly afraid of my parents. i don't know why. i have no memories of anything they did to precipiatate this. but nonetheles, i was terrfied.

i'd go to bed at night around 9pm like any young child would. i'd fall asleep and dream.

but sometimes i'd wake up. and i'd need to go to the bathroom. to pee or you know, do other such business.

only unlike other, normal children, i'd be utterly terrified of leaving my bed.

no need to illustrate the events that would ensue.

but all these years later. bearing down on 31 years old i still have recollections of those frightful nights when i'd wake up and be afraid to leave my bed. and all the mess that would follow.

i guess the mess never ceased arriving. it just changed form.