Deep Thoughts: Distractions

there are some people, few as they might be, with the power to make me feel. feel when i'm not yet ready to feel. feel beofre i've had my feeling medicine (beer).

mcdoofus used to be one of them. but he just took it for granted. so i just took it and threw it in the trash.

dandelion, she could make me feel so much, if only i could just touch her. the power of touch. it prevails upon our lives. such a cruel dictator.

and scoots, he was gone and now he's back and i can't get my job done right. because i'm trying to make the pix and trying to add the products, but all my brain keeps saying is you.

so much for distractions.

your distraction is my downfall.

all are not created equal.

not by a long shot.