Deep Thoughts: Editting

was just reading yahoo news. an article about content filtering on dvd's. to eliminate sexual, violent or other offensive material automatcially from movies.

there's software which can be installed on compatible dvd players and there's even a company that rents/sells dvd's with the content already removed.

the movie directors association filed copyright lawsuits to stop this disfigurement, but were basically laughed at. and the congress passed a law protecting several of these 'cleaning companies' from copyright lawsuits.

i just can't even begin to tell you how sad that makes me.

some of this software has been known to remove violent scenes of the holocaust from the movie schindler's list.

soon, they'll have people believing, the holocaust, slavery, and the torture and slaughter of native americans never even happened.

soon they'll be editting the history books as well.

i take back my statement, "although i am an american, i am not one of 'those' americans." and revise it to read: "althought i am an american, i wish i were a canadian"


  1. I so agree with that statement. The last time I went to Europe I told them I was Canadian. Sigh.

  2. Regarding being able to edit film content to make films viewable by audiences that wish to regulate what they would like to see or not see without having to miss the film completely.

    I think that it's great that people have the opportunity to view edited content. Take just a moment, and imagine setting for yourself standards in which you do not want to have graphic violence, nudity, sexual content and many of the things that get films ratings such as PG, PG-13, or R entering your mind. Not watching films with such content would prevent you from seeing almost all of the films made today, including Schindler's List. Many people, including my wife, just don't watch R rated movies at all and are missing out on many informative and enjoyable shows all together. It is sad for me to see so much that she misses out on. Sure we try to catch it on editted TV later, but edited television allows more than my wife wants to see. It is her choice to set such standards for herself. Mock her if you like, but I am extremely thankful, that so many people were willing to lay down their lives enabling her to make that choice. and Likewise, enabling you to make the choice to speak out against her having the ability to content edit so that she can watch films without lowering her standards. Standards that she should be able to freely set for herself in this free country. We are both college graduates, (engineering grad here so please excuse the typos / bad grammar : ) and are not completely ignorant to the problems the people were facing during the WWII era. We have even visited the site of the Dachau concentration camp outside of Munich, Germany.
    Many of the freedoms that Americans and Europeans enjoy, were procured by the blood of our European and American fathers fighting in Europe and for Europe, so that Europeans as well as Americans, can embelish this freedom that enables you to speak so freely. I say, do not be a coward. Do not feel ashamed for being an American. (Don't think your better than anyone else in the world either : )... Stand proud, and be thankful for those who have paid so dearly to give you the freedoms and standards of living that you enjoy today. Hooray for freedom, hard work, and the right to choose!

    Furthermore, I believe, that if people don't look to more accurate sources for history, such as the journals and books written by the actual people living throughout the past and during historic events, than just believing implicitly in movies by the entertainment industry, or even the books we read in school about such events taking for granted what others tell us, we will have a much greater problem with ignorance and invalid perceptions of actual historic events than what editted films could ever give us.

  3. would you then propose we begin editting other forms of art as well? nude sculptures, paintings? deleting lines from classic novels or poems that may be offensive?

    it's anyone's right to be repulsed by whatever they choose. but it's not your right to modify someone else's labored work of art.

    bad, offensive, foul... whatever are false perceptions imposed upon us by our upbringing.

    they're all just words and images. depicting real life. not bad. just reality.

    when they come out with a software able to edit reailty, then they'll have hit upon something worthwhile.


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