Deep Thoughts: Excuses

just so everyone knows, hitting upon any of my websites and not really reading them is not impressing me. is not causing me to feel the love. just so anyone who might be doing that knows.

in reality, it just makes them look like a deceptive, manipulative asshole. just so they know.

for anyone who had thet idea in mind. i wouldn't want them to be wasting their valueable time trying to fool me, when they're not.

feel something. feel nothing. i don't really care. just own up to it.

life is a funny creature. because the more we try to love it, the less it loves us. i guess that's its job.

animals have an excuse for reproducing. they don't know any better.

what's yours?


  1. i havent read any of the May 2005 yet. it must have been put in recently.


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