Deep Thoughts: I Am Not One of Those Americans

i got a comment this morning from kimmyk. she asked "what does it mean when you say "i'm an american, but not one of 'those' americans"?"

and rather than just email her, i thought i'd used her interesting comment to create a new blog post. the hardest part is coming up with something to write about, and thanx kimmyk for taking the heat off of me in that respect.

i visited her blog. pretty entertaining. i endorse everyone else visiting. update 5-22-05: i no longer endorse anyone visiting said blog. the god bless post really irritated me.

but i digress. what does that statement mean... hmmm. i guess it's sposed to be a subtle sort of liberal leaning statement. and speaking of, when did liberal become a dirty word?

truth be told, i'm not really a liberal. i'm a socialist. yea, that's right. i admitted it. i'm surely going to jail now under the patriot act. or at the very least am no longer able to fly.

what that statement means is i'm not one of those americans who thinks america is the greatest country ever and always will be no matter what. i believe that's what the germans thought as they assisted hilter in the mass slaughter of hundreds of thousands of jews.

i don't believe patriotism is a good thing. it's a form of mind control. you can't love a country just because it's your country. that's silly and unthinking.

i'm not one of those americans who believe america is the freest country in all the world. i've been to other countries, very much freer. only most americans might call their freedoms sinful. however, i am not one of those americans.

i was born here. my parents were born here. my grandparents were born here. my great grandparents were born here. i belive even my great great grandparents were. you don't get much more american than me without being a native american.

but all that means is this is the soil upon which i came into the world. it doesn't mean my government always knows best. or even second best for that matter. it doesn't mean i like this country at all very much at the present. this is just where i happen to be. and that i don't speak any other useful languages to procure me a job elsewhere. because you know, in america we only learn to speak american. while all throughout europe they learn multiple languages. lucky them.

so to sum up, i am not one of those americans means, in a nutshell, i hate bush. i hate the mingling of church and state. the fcc in particular with their 'decency rules' and most of all i hate the dictatorship this democracy is becoming. but like a good jew, i stay where i am, scoffing and hoping it'll pass.


  1. "i don't believe patriotism is a good thing. it's a form of mind control. you can't love a country just because it's your country. that's silly and unthinking."

    Like Al Franken says (or something like this) we love our country but in a mature way. Not like the crazy teenagers who have to hold hands and make out to show their love for one another. We can see fault. We know. We are wise.

    Yay socialism.

  2. Well, I just figured out the problem with our schools, it's the teachers.

    It makes the Bush education mandate look better every day.


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