Deep Thoughts: Kindergarten

i was a weird child and i don't have any clue why.

but when i went off to kindergarten, it was not a good thing.

for some reason i was terrified of the teacher. and especially afraid to ask her if i could go when i had to go.

how long can a five year old hold it? not long. so i'd end up peeing my pants.

this happened countless times.

i just couldn't get passed this fear of raising my hand and asking the teacher to let me go to the bathroom. i have no idea why.

i really wish i knew. cause i'll bet it would explain a lot.

but the best part was this. one girl, a rather tall girl for five years old, who was sorta my friend.

we were hanging out together on the playground during recess and she said, 'ask me to recite the alphabet'. so i went along.

and off she went, 'abcdefghijklmnoqrstuvwxyz'.

i just stood there silently.

'ask me what happened to the p'. she said.

okay, 'what happened to the p?'

'it's dripping down your leg.'