Deep Thoughts: Seasons Change

people come and people go. or maybe people cum and people go. a little of both i guess.

it's friday night, what are you doing? something more sane than writing a blog post i hope.

perhaps getting wasted at some club and making out with a stranger. or maybe you're the more mellow type and you're just getting wasted all alone and masturbating to free internet porn.

whatever works for ya.

every autum the leaves change color and fall off their branches. returning to become one with the soil from which they came.

and every spring new ones bloom in their place.

it makes me wonder if anything is permanent. nah, of course it isn't.

so why bother, when they're just gonna change color and leave.

what's a tree to do?

you can bark all you want, but leaves don't have ears. they can't hear you.

seasons change, but people never do.