Deep Thoughts: Simplicity

i'm not really sure when i became the bitter bitch that i am. but somewhere along the line it happened. and it can't be undone.

i've always found life interesting because everyone's life is different. everyone has a unique perspective.

but over the years, i've discovered, that just isn't the case.

there are a couple of perspectives that most people share. and it's really not that interesting at all.

there might be a million reasons everyday to be glad you're alive. but those reasons don't beling to everyone.

and maybe you don't even need a reaosn. maybe being alive is reason enough.

yea, well, that's just sad.

you might learn a lot about a person seeing them naked and literally insterting parts of yourself inside of them.

but then again, you might not learn anything at all, other than the sounds they make when.

life is funny like that. it always looks simpler when it's not your own.

go figure.