Deep Thoughts: Sisyphus

some things in life make sense. they follow certain patterns.

you pay your bills on time, no one bothers you. you're sloppy, you get some warning notices. a logical progression.

you sleep enough, you're able to function the next day. you don't sleep enough, you're tired and less than useful all the next day.

logic in its most primitive sense.

but not everything follows such patterns.

you're smitten. you're intrigued. you're liked.

logically you should pursue it. pursue happiness.

but happiness, that's just a myth. like zeus and icarus.

i'd like to fly too close to the sun if i could.

but no. all i have is this boulder i keep pushing up the mountain. and every time i reach the top there i am with it at the bottom again.

doomed to repeat the task forever.