Deep Thoughts: Stupid Usless Brain of Mine

so i'm watching wheel of fortune. as i often do between the hours of 7:30 and 8:00pm eastern standard time, monday through saturday, on abc.

anyway, the category is fun and games and there are enough letters showing to know that the answer is "sipping hot cocoa by the fire". the girl spinning appears to know the answer as well. she's calling all the right letters. she's smiling and giggling. oh wait, wheel of fortune contestants do that regardless.

but really, i'm certain she knows the answer. certain i know the answer. am just waiting while she spins for more money. when out of nowhere, the thought occurs to me, what if the answer were sipping hot cocoa in the fire, man, that would just be a totally different meaning and no fun at all.

she spins a few more times and finally announces she's ready to solve the puzzle. and what does she say, yea, that's right she says "sipping hot cocoa in the fire".

whoa! i mean whoa! and then damn!

no, it's not a rerun episode. and yes, maybe it's just a coincidence. but it's not like this sort of thing hasn't happened before.

what kind of a stupid precognition is that to have? of all the useless, completely worthless precognitive possibilites in the universe, that has to rank in the top ten.

give me the winning lottery numbers. give me the next winner of survivor. give me the next new color in m&m's. give me anything more useful than an incorrect wheel of fortune puzzle solve.

i've said it before and i'll say it again. stupid, useless, brain of mine.


  1. strange...

    and that "stupid, useless, brain" of yours keeps me sane. please stop.


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