Deep Thoughts: Survival

the past doesn't always stay in the past.

the future not neccessarily confined to tomorrow.

it's all about moments as they steathily exact their revenge on the lives that have not served them well enough.

there are things to hate. and things to love.

but it all comes down to accidents. not choices.

rash decisions evolve into life's consequences. and it can be what makes it all worthwhile or it can become the reason to give up.

it's not about happiness. it never was.

it's survival.

because this species of ours. the way we live. leaves no room for such trivialities. it merely wants to proliferate. there is no place for individuals in this vast collective.

we are not mammals. we're a catastrophy.

a plague.

only the strong survive. and strong we are if nothing else.

we'll surely be dancing with the cockroaches someday when the planet finally rebels.