Deep Thoughts: Women

it's funny how you can like a girl without hardly even knowing her.

girls are strange like that. the reason they attract myseterious, undocumented, and yet undeniable.

it's the one way in which men will never dominate.

all she has to do is look in your direction. and you're the innocent victim of some beautiful plague.

if you feel yourself drawn to them, for inexplicable reasons, that doesn't mean you ought to be, only that you're lost in them.

because they are mazes. in the truest sense. mazes without exits.

just layers of walls, abundances of passages that coax you onward as you searrch for the prize that's been hidden within.

most find it eventually. in some labyrinth of a female or otherwise similar companion.

but me, i just hit those walls and keep banging on them.


  1. what does it mean when you say "i'm an american, but not one of 'those' americans"?

  2. Hi! I'm back! Reading this post, it seemed to me that you are describing yourself ;) You are so subterranean and labrynthine.. but there is a purity to your self expression as well. I do enjoy the paradox that is you.


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