How Far?

tonight i'd like to pose a question to myself and the world. or rather to myself and the two or three other people who read my blog.

how far is too far?

this question can apply to many instances in life. how far is too far to drive to get the half price beer? how far is too far to go on a first date. how far is too far to go for love?

in all three cases, for some too far might be more than a block away. for others around the world wouldn't be.

for me, i don't know because i've always questioned the authenticity of the concept called love. never really certain whether i believe it to be the genuine article or just a euphemism for co-dependency.

i imagine anyone who is or has felt they were in love would promptly reply by saying, once you find true love, you'll believe.

but believing in something doesn't neccessarily make it so. or does it?


  1. .....too far only becomes so, when it's farther than you're willing to travel.....

  2. I guess it would depend on what you mean by too far..

    1. To or at the most distant or remote point.
    2. To or at the most advanced point or stage.
    3. By the greatest extent or degree.

    There you go over thinking things again, isn't that what always screws things up? Live on the edge, stop thinking so hard. you'll be better off for it, just don't do anything stupid that could get you hurt or worse. I'm sure there are people out there who care about you.


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