Leftwingers Have To Start Complaining Too

my blog. oh my, sweet blog. what shall i tell you next.

you listen so intently. take note of every thought. never judge. just listen.

you are truly a perfect friend.

i had this big conspiracy theory all perculating in my head. it was about the world trade towers. why and by whom they were actually attacked.

but fear of the patriot act precludes me from actually articulating any of it.

then that led me to thinking about how we leftwingers are guilty of sitting idly by. not complaining. because it's not in our nature. we're the live and let live folks. but we should be calling up tv stations and complaining there's not enough sex on tv to counter all the rightwingers calling in to complain there's too mcuh of it.

when everyone phoned in to scream about janet jacksons's nipple. why didn't anyone call in and say, wow, that was cool. keep up the good work.

it's our fault. because we snicker at their complaining, but we don't counteract it with our own. no one ever calls in to say, hey, that was a cool sex scene in nypd blue, but it really sucked that it cut to commercial before she had her moaning orgasm. and i'm really pissed off about that.

but i read this blog entry, about how this teacher's middle school students had been duped by tv into believing it's fact that iraq was behind those wtc terrorist attacks.

i wonder who else has been fooled.



  1. " left wingers don't complain"
    One Word: Hahahhahahhahhhahhahhahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhhhahahhhahhhahahhahhahhahhhha!!!!!!!


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