so greg got booted from survivor. that's good. i never liked him.

my best friend, whose name is also greg is here. boo hoo. weep. weep.

how funny, when he asked jen for permission on what to do in the reward challenge.


smart. turn your million dollar decisions over to the blonde dimwit you're lusting after. ingenius.

then on the apprentice craig got the pink slip. he's a little odd, that's for sure. but he's still better apprentice material than kendra. and those interviewers. i don't care how successful they are, men are terrible judges of character.

tana is definitely the candidate.

a woman had to win this time round. it's orchestrated. third edition. if not, women all over america would be boycotting everything trump forever after.

realty shows are sometimes all too real.

it's depressing.