This Can't Be Right

as i was reading over the recent blog entries i'd made, it occured to me, i'm showing a lot of anger and hostility toward the rightwingers and their sudden rise to power.

it's apparent to me why i'm so hostile lately. there were always occasions when republicans held power, but they didn't used to be so pious.

it's kinda sad, because a liberal, by the very definition of liberal, would never impose their beliefs upon someone of an opposing viewpoint. we are the live and let live people. it's a fair way to be. you do what you want to, and i'll live how i see fit. everyone's happy. or should be.

but rightwingers, they seem to see it as their mission in life to save people from themselves.

i don't want to be saved. i don't require saving. i just want to be left alone. you don't like such and such, fine with me. don't use, look at, or otherwise partake of it. that doesn't mean i should be prohibited from doing so. i have no problem with such and such.

if you believe in god. if you believe in what the bible tells you, that's all well and good. but some people don't. or don't care.

you're not going to hell if i watch sex on tv. you're not going to hell if i say fuck fuck fuck. you're not going to hell if same sex marriages occur.

even in the bible, everyone is responsible for their own actions. you aren't damned if your neighbor commits a sin.

worry about yourselves. you're the ones trying to get into heaven. not me.


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