To Post or Not To Post That is the Question

last night, after i'd finished composing Anonymous Part 2, something happened.

i guess it was the combination of beer and my pseudo-conversation with scoots that just got my writer's hormones all in a tizzy. because i set about feverishly and efficiently writing story after story about each of my intimate adult encounters.

i wrote about the first, larry. the second, mcdoofus. not the third because i work for him now. but then the fourth, the fifth. although, i have the strangest feeling there's someone else i've completely forgotten. and there's still one person i do remember that i haven't yet written a story for.

i just can't decide whether i should actually post them.

my pro and con list is short.

con: i don't often come off in a good light.

pro: they seem to be well written and sadly amusing stories.

there may or may not be lessons to be learned from my experiences. idunno. i'm no one's teacher.

but life can be funny and ironic and all kinds of strange. people relate to that, no?

and sex, well you can't go wrong with that as your subject matter.

to post or not to post... i think i will. i have no dignity really to lose. so eh, no biggie.

if there's a point somewhere in any of those stories then someone's bound to find it. and maybe when they do, they can clue me in.


  1. I would say not to post them, dignity is a very valuable commodity. To trade it for comments is worse then trading freedom for security. Of cource that view may be a little to far from the right for some but dignity does have it's value.

  2. I would add that if you have to ask, the answer should be obvious.


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