We Need A Plumber

there's a huge problem with the concept of majority rules.

if majority rules, that means the minority is unrepresented. how is that just?

in the coalitition governments of europe, the majority winners take the lead seats, but the minorities are also represented. those who get less votes also have a place in government. thereby, assuring that all voters receive some sort of reprentation.

i don't understand why our choices need be limited to one or the other. all people are not one or the other. there are so many gradients that occur inbetween.

simply allowing their names to appear on the ballots is not enough. it's a joke, to put it midly.

some sort of percentage system needs to be implemented in order represent all citizens and all their interests.

two parties are not nearly enough. with all the people that are clustered into this one country, we need a smorgashboard of parties to represent all the rainbow of peoples and beliefs that reside here.

yes, we can vote for the libertarian, the socialist, the whoever, but they never win. it's pretty pointless.

what would seem most fair is for those third and fourth and fifth place winners to also have a say. not as big a say, but a say nonetheless.

life, politics, should not be a popularity contest. there ought not to be only one winner. in a true democracy, everyone should be represented.

even if that means changing how the system works. cause let's face it the system really doesn't work at all.

if your toilet's backed up you call in a plumber. if your governments clogged, who do you call? no one knows. that's the problem.