You Woke Me Up

this morning in my inbox was a compliment from the complimenting commeter.

yea, that's right.

while i'm all for good tidings, i have to question someone who takes it upon themselves to spread false joy to strangers.

this is exactly the reason i abanonded because all anyone ever said was nice things.

people don't need nice things. they need to har constructive criticism.

they need to be told when they're being idiotic. they need to be told when they're wrong. because so often they are.

i am so sick of people coddling eachother. the real world is not so kind. the internet should not be this fantasmical escape from it.

i'm not suggesting people be cruel to one another. just honest.

wow, that's far fetched.

i mean, if peope practiced constructive criticism on a daily basis, instead of false praise, there wouldn't be any war on iraq. there wouldn't be any president dubya. there wouldn't be any instapundit corrupting the masses of idiots that populate american society.

conservative is just another word for puritan.

i don't want your religion. i won't take it. you can shove it down my throat, but i'll just spit it back in your face.

it's a shame, i used to be so complacent. this is what you've done to me.

i've never had any feelings for politics. not in the least.

in your zealousness to take over, you've merely awakened all the sleeping beasts.

conservative indeed.