Deep Thoughts: Death

some people they just have their own ideas. and there's no way you can ever convince them otherwise.

ironically, as a proponent of death, i've always found the death penalty rather confusing.

how can poeple who want to keep human vegetables alive. people who 'want to err of the side of life' endorse killing healthy, functional people.

if murder is wrong. it's wrong for everyone. including government. including irate relatives.

you can't just change the moral as it suits you.

you have to pick a sdie. whichever side you choose.

there's nothing more pathetic than changing your opinion based on circumstance. either people can be killed or they can't.

ti doesn't matter to the rest of the owrld if it's someone who matters to you. because in reality, even that guy on death row, he matters to someone.

pick a side. that's all i ask.

if you want to endorse the death penalty. then you have to endorse it for your own.


  1. For the most part I don't agree with the death penalty per se, but I don't have a idea that would solve the problem in which the death penalty is used for.

    I don;t know if that makes sense..

    thanks for stopping by, for reading.


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