Deep Thoughts: Dependency

i'm at a loss.

apparently my father isn't making too much money running his singles' dances. you know, with internet dating and all, it's just not the lucrative business it once was.

and he claims, his alimony payments are way more money than he's making. might be true.

and she is scared. no. terrified.

she's from a generation i just don't understand. a generation that taught their daughters to get married and have children. that that was the only career option they had.

i tell her it's no big deal. as long as i still have a job. which thankfully, i currently do.

but something about her child supporting her doesn't still well.

it seems like fair payback to me.

but she wants to be independent. of her children at least, if not her ex-husband.

but really, aren't we all dependent in one way or another. if not financially, then in some other way.

employees are dependent on their bosses to keep their jobs. employers dependent upon their employees to do their jobs. even the self-employed are dependent upon their clients for work. and those clients depending on them to provide.

no one is indepedent. no one and nothing.

the president depends on his staff. generals depend on their troops.

the ocean needs the moon. the moon needs the sun.

nature, life, is at its core, a precarious balance of dependecies amongst all orgramisms.

if there is shame in dependency, then the entire human race ought to be full of shame.

there's no shame in needing someone or something. the only shame is in forgetting what you need.