Deep Thoughts for the Day: Beautiful

not long ago i read a post at Dilettante's Diary about her Misogyny. she set about meticulously detailing the insane thought patterns of the average female. and then the other day i got a comment from lost and not found on my mirrors post. she said she hates mirrors.

and it just got me to thinking. i credit them for the idea, but i'd like to explore my own take on it.

once on pay per view, when i was still able to watch it for free, i saw this movie, 'my first mister'. it was about this goth girl who wrote imaginary eulogies for fun. scoots once told me i should be a goth. and i laughed. because it was just so silly. me being a part of something. a group as it were. so much for understanding me, eh?

anyway in the movie, appropriately enough, was a song by joydrop called 'beautiful', which rants about how the singer is not beautiful like you, she's beautiful like herself. good song. good band.

but my point is, i don't understand most chicks. and i call them chicks, because well, that's what they act like. what with the makeup and the clothes and the shoes and the hair and whatever else there is that can be purchased to make oneself more asthetically pleasing to the opposite gender.

i wonder if femme lesbians do the same thing. i should take a poll.

if no female ever did all those things females do to make themselves 'pretty' do they think all straight men would just suddenly become disinterested in women? fat chance.

whether men like it or not is beside the point. men need women. they're not getting laid otherwise. if no woman ever again did anything special to make herself more attractive to the male of the species men would still want to get laid.

you're creating your own prison.

i don't want to be loved because i'm beautiful. i want to be loved in spite of my ugliness.