Deep Thoughts for the Day: Beliefs

whatever it is people happen to believe in, for obvious reasons, they have to think what they believe is right.

but why is it, so many people, they have to believe in it so ferociously. to the point of being unable or unwilling to understand anyone else's point of view.

as an atheist, i forgo all that nonsense of believing in things and trying to convince others to do the same. and i am very well educated in tolerance. i've had to learn to tolerate greatly differing opinions from my own. i was born and raised in a country that is so christian, it's palpable.

but then again, some people are more stubborn than others.

i was watching trading spouses. one of the moms was a vegan. but she wasn't just a vegan. she was a raging vegan, hell bent on converting all the family and friends of her alligator killing, bayou living, host family.

she was also stupid. she kept telling the kid, you spell monkeys m-o-n-k-i-e-s. and when he disagreed, she wasn't open-minded enough to look it up to see who was right. she was so sure that she was right. such is the mindset of any extremist.

she forced these poor, exceedingly polite people to watch a blatantly biased movie on animal rights and then proceeded to weep during it. it was they who should've wept.

ever since i learned from best page in the universe, that more animals are killed harvesting grains than are acutally killed for the consumption of meat, all i can do is laugh at people's ignorance.

i'm not a vegan or a vegetarian, so it was never my responsibility to know these facts. as i was never accusing anyone of murder for eating a hamburger.

but really, if you're going to adhere to a belief system and set forth to preach it upon unsuspecting victims, know your facts. if there are facts to know. such as is the case with vegetarianism.

and if there aren't any facts, such as is the case with religion. then just shut the hell up. your opinion doesn't matter.


  1. Now that was an interesting tidbit. Next time I get a nasty look for eating something other than hummus, I'll remember that. Look at you, all full of knowledge.


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