Deep Thoughts for the Day: Elections

how it all goes away. maybe you caused it to leave. or maybe it just had to go. that really seems irrelevant when you're the one it's left.

when you're sitting thinking it never really mattered. not to them. if it did, surely, they would've made some sort of effort to retain it.

i feel this urge every so often to help the people who've never helped me. and i try to quell it. but it rings loud.

i feel guilty sometimes because i could've helped them more. but i didn't. because they can't help me. not that they've tried.

i talk to myself like others do with their spouses. have debates. both sides are equally represented.

my heart is a democracy. poor, doomed organ.

no majority vote can save me now.

if happiness is an election and we are all candidates.

i feel certain. very certain that no one can win.