Deep Thoughts for the Day: Faith

between the ages of 25 and 29 i was an active member of society. all full of urges and desires. i willingly participated in the act of living. i don't know why.

what, if anything, i gained from these encounters, aside from perspective, i'm unawares.

there are indeed, all kinds of friends. those that you see everyday. those that you see every now and then. and those that you rarely see.

life is full of grey matter.

to live in black and white would simply put, be stifling.

but on the same token, there are friends who execute their friendship and those that sit back expecting you to flip the switch.

and i really don't mind turning on the juice. or being electrocuted because of it.

but at the very least, i'd like to see those that i flipped it for, attend my funeral.

so much for paying their respects. i guess they never really had any.

but i did. i can assure you. if i ever proclaimed my love for you and you are a republican, that in and of itself proves my sincerity.

what is it with me and republicans anyway.

moths to a flame i guess.

i can live without friends. i've done it all these years.

but it's hard to live with friends who aren't really there.

we're not that different. any of us.

we all just want to know we're not alone.

there are just those of us who can take that on faith. and those of us who need evidence.


  1. Evidence. Faith. Maybe faith is the evidence we need to prove our belief that we're not alone. Why do we have faith if not to help us ease some of the worry that clogs the back of our minds and makes us wonder who we really are in the universe?

    Even our hard, scientific evidence isn't always concrete or infalliable. Perhaps faith is more like evidence than we thought.

  2. Hmm, I want to say something meaningful here but now I just have the song lyrics to George Michael's Faith running through my head.

    Does that make me shallow?



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