Deep Thoughts for the Day: Habits

i caught your disease. that penchant for the easy meditations some substances will provide. i'm not saying you gave it to me. i just took it.

because back then, how much i wanted any part of you i could get.

but now that i have it, well, it's all my own. no one else's.

now that i have it, you're more gone than ever. and i'm just a compendium of all the sicknesses i've collected. from every person for whom i've ever ventured such risk.

dying is slow. living even slower yet.

i'd always hoped we could share more than just bad habits. more than selfishness. but that is who we are. we can't change ourselves. and we can't change eachother.

so instead, we stay, just like this.

we're not better off by any means. we're just so used to it.