Deep Thoughts for the Day: A Hunger Artist

this afternoon i read 'a hunger artist' and 'the judgement' from the kafka short stories book i'd recently purchased.

'the judgement' totally didn't make any sense to me. the only thing i managed to glean from it was that kafka thought his father hated him. and that possibly, the main character georg, was not a success at all. but in actuality an utter failure.

it seems to me of the four stories i've read so far, he always wrote about himself. that i can relate to. depression breeds self-obsession.

'a hunger artist' left a lot of room for interpretation. hunger can be so symbolic. we hunger for so many things more than we ever hunger for food.

and often, as much as we secretly want those things, whatever they might be, we intentionally deprive ourselves of them.

to the point and beyond it of creating our own suffering.

such is the composition of certain souls. we revel in the wanting of, but can't stand to ever have.

it's so much more satisfying to feel the hunger burgeoning within than to simply quell it. knowing ultimately, even if we were possessed of the power to sate it, it would still return, again and again and again.