Deep Thoughts for the Day: Intelligent Design

the drowning is, even if i can swim, such an alluring prospect. how easily the surface moves away. how ready these bones are to sink.

ever since i was a child i've had this one question no one could ever satisfy.

why live?

give me a reason.

needless to say, no one ever has.

that we were born. that our parents copulated, is not reason enough for me.

there are so many people in the world. and every day there are even more. what humans lack is a predator. the food chain shouldn't be a hierarchy. it should be a circle.

if this is intelligent design, i have to say, it isn't all that intelligent.


  1. > Why live?

    Because the sun feels warm on your skin. Because freesia smell so good. Because clean sheets are wonderful to sleep on. Because your skin is so soft and smooth after a bath. Because frozen blueberries taste so good. Because the weight of a book in your hand is an invitation to think, and thinking, while sometimes painful, is ultimately rewarding.

    But you're not living sweets. You're just existing as you are slowly dying, like so many others out there. Life is that which fights entropy. Time to break out of that apathy. You need to get outside and do something that stimulates your senses. Do something that feels good (other than masturbating). Eat something tasty, find a quiet natural setting to enjoy, listen to birds, to water, to Segovia strumming his guitar.

    And try meditating. If you were to do one thing that might nudge you out of the grey world of the just existing, meditation is the thing I think would do it.

    I sure wish you would try. I doubt you will, because you seem so apathetic that inertia seems to have taken hold of you. But I have a spare copy of a very simple little book that de-mystifies meditation, distilling it of all the mystical mumbo-jumbo and gets down to what the technique is and how it will work for you. If you want it, email me your address, and I'll send it. Its out of print, or I'd just give you the ISBN#.

  2. Ok ok, so I'm an irrepressible sensualist.

    Love me anyway?


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