Deep thoughts for the Day: Life

i don't understand the compulsion to live. be it in human or other animals.

i don't know why the lions of africa want to live. or breed.

i don't know why zebras do. or chimps. or anyone or anything.

i just don't understand.

perhaps i'm defective. lacking some essential gene that buoys me with a proclivity toward longevity. recreation. sustenance.

no one can tell me why they do. other than they don't want to die. why they don't want to die merely a big ball of uncertainly wrapped neatly in a bow of fear.

i fear living way more. that daily routine imposing itself. that mediocrity becoming ample benefactor.

i fear life. not death. because i know life and what it entails. i know just how well it lies to us. convinces lost disciples to yield their thoughts to it.

because this is what you have. what you've been given. all that you own. and if you give it up, you will be nothing. ro so it seems.

but aren't you just as meaningless now. clinging to the prospect that sustaining yourself is of some importance to anyone other than yourrself. that it matters if you live or die.

people die everyday. they might be loved. but those that loved them will go on. because they can never love you as much as they love themselves.

their grief will pass. and you'll become just a memory they waltz with when the music asks.

but no life really matters.

petals waiting to be plucked. that's what we are.

there's no reason to live, except that you fear death. there's no reason to die other than that you fear life.