Deep Thoughts for the Day: Running Away

i knew about the runaway bride and all. don't know her name. but i did know about her. the big manhunt. the wasted tax dollars. i don't live in a bubble. i had cable internet long before you losers did. rural area my ass. fuck you comcast support.

my point is, i knew about her. didn't know anything about her fiance, other than he was such a loser to take her back after that.

she had that special that was on the other night. why don't i get a special. i'm a big whiny loser too!! i mean, i don't have big, giant, scary bug eyes though. maybe that's the problem.

so i shuffle downstairs and mom and bro are watching the runaway bride special interview.

i pause in my shuffling and glance toward the screen. mom and bro are rambling about he's evil (her fiance). she ran away for a reason. that sorta logic.

i catch the side of his head on the tv and i blurt out, "he looks like a jesus freak".

go figure, they inform me he is.

damn, i can spot 'em.

does that make me the antichrist?