Deep Thoughts for the Day: Sated

broken. no. what is that? that they should break me?


yea right.

i break for no one, but myself. and when i do. i shatter into a milliion pieces. no one could ever hope to reassemble. no one but me.

because i'm selfish like that. in that depressive sense. all the world revolves around me, but hates me as it glares down upon.

i see them in the midst of their healing. in the throes of thier llving and wish i could feel them. strip down to myself and become human again. female as it were. tempting and ostentatious. livid and recreational. flesh and bone so neatly packaged to sell babies. and happiness. lifetimes spent in debt to finally die better than their fathers did.

or at least, better sated.

because we're dirty like that. always have been. but now it's been documented.

we can't take it back. reclaim that chastity once held against.

too late. now we must find another means. it shouldn't be hard. to find another means to overpower. to prove that they need us more than we need them.

yea, but what i need, sadly it is different.


  1. What do you need? What do we all need? I wish I could figure that shit out.


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