Deep Thoughts for the Day: Socialism

i was going through my gmail account, in which all sorts of blog posts and blog comments had been 'archived'. and i came across a comment from 'anonymous' that said in retaliation to my assertion that stupid people shouldn't breed, that liberals and socialists shouldn't breed either, but yea, that's the same thing. well, hey, i haven't bred. so there. you can't blame me.

and it was funny and all. considering i know for a fact, that stupid people are republicans.

but that's not my point. my point is, most americans don't even really know what a socialist is. they tend to associate it with communism. which isn't really the same at all.

communism is like a beehive. all the drones working for the good of the hive. communism is good in theory. but throw selfish people into the mix and it just falls apart. and let's face it. all people are selfish.

socialism on the other hand, is just simply acknowledging that you share this world with other people. instead of saying, hey, i got health insurance, what the fuck do i care if my neighbor does, socialism insists that the more fortunate aid the less fortunate. and in doing so, all are better off in the end. does it work? i couldn't say. you'd have to ask someone from europe, where they actually put the concept into practice.

the problem with socialism is the rich don't get richer off of the poor getting poorer. so from an american capitalist point fo view, it's insanity at best.

and i'm aware of the fact that everyday plenty of europeans come to america. why? i can only guess for the american 'dream' of riches.

but i just can't seem to figure what's so great about being wealthy when your neighbors are starving.

i guess even europeans need a dream. soemthing to aspire to. and since they already have socialism and freedom. they must feel like privileged teenagers do. wanting to rebel.

is there an exchange program i can sign up for? i will give my us citizenship to someone form europe in exchange for their citizenship.

really. i would, if i could.

game on.