Deep Thoughts for the Day: Spam

i know the can-spam law was passed a while back, but i never really thought about the implications til i read an atricle in some free magazine, i don't know who sent me, on that very subject.

i hadn't realized you could actually go to jail for sending spam. or that all your assets could be seized or forzen and your entire business shut down.

and worse even still, all these terrible things can be done to you, if someone sends spam on your behalf, or as an affiliate of yours, even if you are completely unaware and didn't ever contract them to do so.

i don't like receiving spam mails anymore than anyone else. but when i think about it, all the ado over it, is just so fucking stupid. every day except sunday we received spam in our regular old fashioned mail boxes and no one goes to jail for it. no one gets fined. and they shouldn't be. it's a harmless nuissance is all it is. and that's all email spam is either. just a benign, petty annoyance.

and that our government would pass and enforce such fascist sorts of laws pretty much sucks the last little bit of 'it'll get better in 2008' hope out of me.

and now they wanna do the flag thing again too.

living here, in the unites states, more and more every day i feel like i'm living under the fist of a bunch of bullies.

the analogy that pops into my head is a swarm of mice being ruled by a herd of cats. even though there are way more mice than there are cats, they're so much smaller and weaker, they feel afraid. helpless. the cats slyly tell the mice they're protecting them from other meaner cats. and the scared mice believe them. the mice don't want to get eaten by the other meaner cats, so they do what their cats say. but eventually all cats get hungry.


  1. To prove to you how slow my brain is working, I will share that when I saw "SPAM" I immediately thought of the kind you eat. It wasn't until paragraph 3 that I realized, I'm an idiot on Thursdays. Among other days of the week.


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