Deep Thoughts for the Day: Summer Vacation

so me and the mom were at the brick plaza. home of compusa, applebee's and barnes and noble. what a wonderful town we live in that three such useful retailers exist side by side by side.

we'd just come out of the barnes and noble. i'd gotten a collection of franz kafka short stories for only seven dollars and some cents. she'd purchased 'a confederacy of dunces', written by some poor guy who'd only gotten published after he'd committed suicide.

really, isn't it the only way for a true artist to be recognized in today's world. i just know when i kill myself my poetry and my art will become priceless. my family will eventually thank me.

these two benny (tourist) girls approach us as we're ambling along the mall sidewalk.

one couldn't be more than seventeen. she looked more like fifteen. the other had to be at least eighteen.

they wanted to know how far to tuckerton from here. far. they had no money. no gas. but the hot girl did have really big boobs eager to burst out of their bikini top confines. and low cut short shorts that teased at revealing a very near the crotch tattoo.

gosh, i come from tuckerton. it's like the city here. it's just like new york city. so crowded. we laughed. just like it. except minus the tons of restaurants and culture. taxis to hail and buses to catch. and thankfully, still minus the no smoking in restaurants law.

we gave them a couple bucks and they left us. scammers. maybe. likely even, but what the hell. it's summer time and the bennies are here. in full force.

shouldn't they have been in school?

who cares. at the beer store today i got carded. (grin) i'm only almost 31. it must be the cargo shorts and spongebob t-shirts.

and thus begins my yearly two weeks of complete and utter slothfulness. i'm going to make actual sloths look energetic.