Deep Thoughts for the Night: Adam and Eve

'if there's a distance here between us, it's you and i and i'

if yesterday ever actually ended, well, i'd be surprised. cause if any of it ever really mattered, it always manages to come back. in some shape or form. seeking its own reasons. some kind of salvation from its corruptor.

the bite can't be undone. the apple can't be untasted. oh poor adam, by his eve seduced. those stories might be true afterall. in ways never imagined.

and poor adam, not knowing now, how to hide his shame.

'what doesn't kill you, makes you linger'

lingering still. dust settles on those pages, but still you turn them. adding further fingerprints to the already damanged print.

i'm not evil. only just human.

there's no judgement day i know of at the back of this book. no angels which will descend to save those who seek it.

there's only the self bargaining with who it has been.

every day asks that you remember. and every night that begs you forget.

because, like it or not, it's up to us in the end.

i' m sorry we ended up huting eachother. would thati it could've been differnt. that's what i would've chosen.

* quoted lines from the tabitha's secret song 'you and i and i'