Deep Thoughts: Gone

it's funny, people don't get it. i either want them in my life or out. sounds like a simple concept. but no.

granted, i don't want anyone hanging round all the time. don't smother me. i need my alone time.

but hell if i want the yearly friend. not when they live down the block. that's just insulting.

and when you tell them to go away becuase they have insulted you, they have the nerve to be offended.

you know what, show me some love once in a while and then i'll refrain from being cruel. until then, don't blame me if i'm feeling less than friendly.

i guess there must be something wrong with me because i make friends, but never keep them. it must be the sex. i know you're not sposed to have sex with your friends. but it always seems to happen.

actually now that i think about it, i don't make friends. i find people to have sex with and later when they've had enough, they say they want to be friends. but they don't really mean it. surprise. surprise. color me shocked.

i just wish once they were gone, they'd stay gone. it's the least they can do.