Deep Thoughts: Mold Boy

i was thinking about mold boy, as i refer to him. i call him mold boy because he had an affinity for all things mold. he knew where it came from. what it did. and how exactly to eliminate it.

i thougth for a long while about any dominant moments he'd produced in my life.

the best i could come up with was the time he jerked off in front of me. i'm easy like that. just sorta go along.

what sticks out in my memory even more, is when he stole the photo of me. me in a tie-dyed tank top. of all photos to select.

i sometimes wonder whatever happened to mold boy. we'd fight sometimes about politics. but who haven't i fought with about that.

in my little pint sized brain, i thought fighting, such passion denoted genuine feeling.

true, he did eradicate the mold from our house for no charge.

no charge if you don't count the wad of money i lent him to procure another work truck to grow his business. in the end he paid back all the money, but still left me feeling short changed somehow.