Deep Thoughts: Pretty Girls

had the very bestest dream the other night. been thinking about it ever since. me and rob thomas were moving in together. we were in love. we were making out like crazy. he's so pretty.

guess all that music of his i've been listening to is seeping into my subconscious.

and gosh, he's so pretty. i like the pretty girls.

i've liked matchbox twenty since their first cd, but i always used to think he was kinda goofy looking. too skinny.

but like a fine wine, he's aged well. no. i don't really want him in real life. but he was great in my dream.

or you know, i just really haven't had any good sex in long time. whatever.

the trouble with causal sex is it's such a big production. i just wanna have a big orgasm and be done with it. i can do that faster on my own, thank you.

ah, but intimacy, that's something altogether different. that's where the dream really got me. we never did have interourse in the dream. we were just very, very touchy feely. grooving on eachother, if you will.

there was a sense of love that permeated the atmosphere. when we kissed. when we touched it was like no days had existed before that. we were born just then, into eachother.

if every dream could be like that, i'd have no use for being awake.

now that i think about, i don't have any use for being awake. it's just sorta happens against my will.

but damn, he is pretty.

well, at least when awake,i have control of the playlist.