Deep Thoughts: Repetition

i have now officially heard the song 'lonely no more' more times than rob thomas heard it during the entire recording process. and have probably exceeded the combined amount he will hear it if one also includes his entire tour.

what the fuck is wrong with me?

what's even scarier is every time it comes back up in the playlist, i am still giddy to hear it and still unable to stop myself from singing along.

why do i find repetition so appealing.

i guess on some subconcious level i want the good things to keep coming back. they need to go away for short periods of time. ten or twelves other songs worth. but then i need them to return again. i don't get tired of the same thing over and over. rather i am comforted by it and love it more each time.

ok, eventually i get sick of it, or else i'd have been listening to bon jovi's 'wanted dead or alive' for the last 16 years.