Deep Thoughts: Ringing

everytime the phone rings i don't answer it. i unplug it. i don't know who's calling. i'm the only person on the planet without caller id.

what's really sad is that later on, i'll plug it back in. cause i like to hear it ring. just don't want to answer it.

i expect at some point i won't have to unplug it. cause the ringing will cease.

i just don't know what to do with people anymore. where to put them in my life.

i can't stand to assign them places. knowing ultimately they will be vacated.

so i made it easy. no one has a place. no one knows. no one is. anything.

just me and the ringing as i subvert it.

it was probably a wrong number anyway.

hasn't it always been?

it seems to me, even when i pick up the receiver to listen, there's only the same nothing there's always been.

i can't stand conversations that end with goodbye. and all of them do.


  1. But they all start with hello. And isn't the end a natural part of the journey?

    You're not the only one without caller ID. We totally don't have it. And the only people who call want to sell us something.


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