Deep Thoughts: Siblingss

i'm losing it.

worse than ever.

my brother is here every night from 8pm til 11pm. for months now this has been going on. instead of leaving work and going to his own house he comes here.

i love my brother. i really do. but i can't love him every night of the week.

he's a grown man. he's almost 38 years old. he should be married with children. or at least committed to a life of loneliness and solutude, like mcdoofus is. god belss him.. but no, he's committed to his mother.

hello, serial killer in the works.

every evening he arrives around 8pm and plops himself down on the lovesat to spend the evening watching bad tv shows along side our mommey.

when the cat does it that's okay. but when a man does it, that's just distrubing. escpecially for me. forced to witness the spectacle.

i'm not poster child for normal behavior. but living like this is pushing me over the edge.

he's my brother. i can't have him at my house all the time. i need space.

it all harkens back to the days when i'd fight with my mother about andrew being here (my father) and jerry being here (her ages ago friend, and sorta boyfriend).

i can't live with more than one person at a a tiem. i don't deny my shortcomings. i only ask that the person i live with recognize them. or else finds someone else to live with.

i didn't ask for this gig. just sorta fell into it. if you want it, brother, then take it. i won't stop you.