Deep Thoughts: Swimming

everything i do, i do it compulsively. coffee. cigarettes. beer. writing. thinking.

if i only do it a little, chances are great i won't do it for very long.

everything i love, i love way too much.

everything i remember is like that. more of an obsession than a memory.

everything tends to overwhelm me. because that's how i perceive it.

i can immerse myself in either. sorrow or joy. the fullness or empty. music or silence.

i can immerse myself. but i can't ever seem to rise up from it once i have. i lose sight of the surface. or it loses me.

instead i wait for it to slowly evaporate. or else for someone else to pull the plug. and let it all drain.

never knowing how long it'll be until i can breathe again. nor how much i'll miss the drowning.