Other Poets' Thoughts

favorite quotes from other poets...

'i wasted my time til time wasted me' paul o'neill

'why don't you listen to this heart full of pain, sounds like complaining, but it's hard to refrain' travis meeks

'i don't know if i've ever been really loved by a hand that's touched me' rob thomas

'and all is well until the heart betrays' jon oliva

'lay beside me, and tell me lies, as long as it's not about love' ronnie james dio

'and you're staring up at heaven from the bottom of a glass' paul o'neill

'but the eyes seem so familiar. like phosphorescent desert buttons' maynard james keenan

'i feel alone even with myself. do you know what i mean?' travis meeks

'there's no back door to heaven, just a front door to hell' ronnie james dio

'reaching out, full of doubt, twist and turn, but I’m always falling down' jon oliva

'how can I be the only one without a smile on my face' rob thomas

'and who will love the incest child of ignorance and hatred? who though she's standing in the rain no tear has penetrated' paul o'neill

'she said, i tried to be, but i'm not. so could you please collect your things' rob thomas

'the only moment that ever really mattered, fate, is now' paul o'neill